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The Jews have no claim to the land of Israel - REALLY?

If you think the Jews have no claim to the land of Israel, then this Blog is for you!

Let’s begin by listing some facts: 1) the Jewish people have maintained ties to their historic homeland for more than 3700 years; 2) the Jewish people settled and developed this land when no one else would or could; 3) the international community granted political sovereignty in Palestine to the Jewish people; 4) the territory was captured in defensive wars; and 4) God promised the land to the patriarch Abraham, the father of the Jewish people.

Even after the Roman conquest in 70 A.D., large Jewish communities developed in Jerusalem and Tiberius by the ninth century, and by the 11th century, Jewish communities flourished in Rafah, Gaza, Ashkelon, Jaffa, and Caesarea. Even after the Crusaders massacred many Jews during the 12th century, Jewish immigrants returned to Jerusalem, Safed, and the Galilee, during the next 300 years. By the early 19 century, more than 10,000 Jews lived throughout what is Israel today.

Beginning around 1870, a Zionist movement began to create an actual nation for the Jewish people, and it officially happened in 1948. Israel’s international “birth certificate” is validate with 1) uninterrupted Jewish settlement from the time of Joshua onward; 2) the Balfour Declaration of 1917; 3) the League of Nations Mandate; 4) the United Nations Partition Resolution of 1947; 5) Israel’s admission to the UN in 1949; 6) recognition of Israel by most other nations; 7) a society created by the Jewish people after decades of thriving, dynamic national existence; and, 8) most of all, the promise of the Bible by God Himself.

It would seem ludicrous that any nation - big or small, young or old - would consider mere recognition of its right to exist as a favor, much less a negotiable consideration. Yet, this is precisely what has been thrown at Israel since her birth in 1948.

Israel’s legitimacy is not suspended in mid-air awaiting recognition. Israel is here to stay, and for those who wish it were not so - - get over it! If you’re still having difficulty in doing so, see #8, above, again.

I hope you enjoyed this Blog and that you will share it with others. If you have questions or would like to comment on this or any other related subjects about the Jewish people, the nation of Israel, and/or Jerusalem, subscribe to our website “Good Samaritans for the Jewish People” at

This is Wayne Ammons, spreading the truth, and I hope you will verify it for yourself. May God bless you.

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